Update on Covid-19


As the Covid-19 situation continues to develop, I wanted to update you about how we, at Octium Life DAC, are supporting you, our policyholders and business partners, through these extremely challenging times.

Our business remains open with a focus on ensuring that we continue to deliver excellent service and advice to you and that this continues without interruption.

To achieve this, we have carried out the following:

  • implemented robust business continuity and information security contingency plans to ensure that you and our people are fully supported.
  • completed our transition to a remote working model: our focus has been on equipping our people with the skills, equipment and training they need to continue to support you and ensure that we are accessible and easy to engage with. All of our teams are able to work using a range of secure virtual options and are able to manage policy transactions provided to us through the policy intermediary (broker).
  • identified key issues through our Emergency Management Team, whose role is to identify how, as a business, we support our policyholders and business parties through these unparalleled times.

We appreciate that you, like us, are also facing unprecedented challenges and we want to support you as you navigate your way through the many issues you face. We are absolutely committed to supporting all of our policyholders and business partners and the communities in which we all operate.

We are in constant communication with Regulators who have full transparency on how we are able to manage our business and are satisfying any queries they may have.

On our website (https://www.octium.ie/who-we-are/our-team) you can find the names of our function heads who can be contacted to discuss your needs.You can also email the company at info@octium.ie or phone +353 1568 5412. We would also take this opportunity to remind you of our customer portal which is accessible online through the Company website (www.octium.ie ).

We continue to take all the steps that are necessary to ensure the ongoing wellbeing and safety of our people. Our thoughts and thanks go to all of those working so hard to contain the virus and treat those affected, especially healthcare workers. We sincerely wish health and safety to you and your loved ones.